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February 03 2018

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February 02 2018

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A gloriously floofy Shance fluff for my good dude @skyesthelimits gf~

Click here for my commission info! || Patreon || Art Shop (Lance v Lotor Songbird print available now!)

January 31 2018

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Your Kids Will Love It!

January 25 2018

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yoi! log③ || nita [pixiv] || Twitter
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January 20 2018

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January 17 2018

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おやすみ('、3_ヽ)_ || 伊芙 [@garryxibxmary]
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tumblr peaked when we were able to cyberbully john green

January 15 2018

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So I know I’ve been kind of quiet on here mainly because I use Twitter as my main social network now but I wanted to talk about this insane show I played last weekend.

I was invited to play this show by my friend WT snacks, who had been given an opportunity to organize a full night of DJ sets at the rooftop nightclub of the Gaylord National Hotel during MAGfest. The whole lineup was all back to back sets and Snacks had the amazing idea of pairing me up with Smith Comma John, a friend who I’ve been sharing music with since our days as teens uploading really bad music on Newgrounds.

We got to close out the Night by playing the most bumping ass Juke, Jersey Club, and eventually breakcore. And we got to do this to a club that was at one time right before our set, filled to capacity with 700 people in it.

It’s still a fucking fever dream to me that all this happened and yet it totally did.





Say it with me kids

Words are not oppressive. It’s your choice to be offended by them & give them power. Stop being a pussy.

oh lets listen to the guy pretending to be waluigi on the internet they seem to clearly be rational and smart, much like i know waluigi to be

Yeah me having a waluigi themed account clearly negates my ability to have a fucking valid opinion. Ok.

You shouldn’t have let his words have the power to upset you, Waluigi




artists fuck better because we turn sex into art, masterpieces, mattresses become canvases where we can paint our love to someone with bodies.

its like, impossible to come up with anything funnier than the experience of seeing this post

pharoahs fuck better because they ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh put the pussy in a scarmophogoghs

January 13 2018

December 23 2017

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December 16 2017

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December 15 2017

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what do you do when an alien princess falls in love with you?

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