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May 15 2018

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Your Kids Will Love It!

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I just wanted to see if anyone took an opportunity to make an r/odeo on Reddit and this is the only post on it

@sharkbutte what the fuck does the comment say



my nuts rough like sandpaper

u want smooth nuts? cya later

don’t be jealous don’t be a hater

if I slap em on the ground it makes a crater

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another screencap redraw!! :3c these are so addictive lol, I love making things unnecessarily sparkly

patreon + kofi

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controvershal but i love this post and i hate every single damn-shawty-ok.jpg brand extrovert in the notes


When you think youre a party animal too good to read something that has more than one sentence but you also never leave the house. the worst of both worlds

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May 03 2018




artists fuck better because we turn sex into art, masterpieces, mattresses become canvases where we can paint our love to someone with bodies.

its like, impossible to come up with anything funnier than the experience of seeing this post

pharoahs fuck better because they ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh put the pussy in a scarmophogoghs

May 01 2018

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I really, truly regret not buying it.

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Man 1500 years ago: Let me sleep with this woman or I will die.

The rabbis:

(Link to tweet here)

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